Law & Order SVU Premiere Surrender Benson – Liv is Kidnapped By a Psychopath

NBC’s Law & Order: Special Victims Unit  will be paying tribute to its “Ripped-from-the Headlines” heritage this season, the drama’s executive producer, Warren Leight said.  Last season, Law and Order SVU ended on a cliff hanger.  Detective Olivia Benson was held at gun point by an insane, sadistic man.   The killer actually burned off his own fingerprints by holding them to a stove.  

If you saw Law and Order SVU Premiere Wednesday night, you were screaming at the creep, who kidnapped Liv and abused her for four days.  He duct-taped her mouth, stuck a gun to her head and handcuffed her.  

Oh My God why did Elliot, her partner leave?  Don’t you miss him?  

I don’t want to give away any spoilers in case you didn’t watch it.

Cliff Hanger from last season's Law & Order SVU.

Cliff Hanger from last season’s Law & Order SVU.

This episode echoed the catastrophic Ariel Castro kidnapping case in Cleveland, Ohio.

Emmy winner, Mariska Hargitay’s acting was amazing.  Just when you thought there would be nothing exciting to watch after this week’s Breaking Bad finale; SVU has your heart pounding and then breaks it.


We can also look forward to seeing a politician getting in trouble over sexting like Anthony Weiner on SVU this season.  Plus there will be a Paula Dean celebrity chef plot that explores racism in an upcoming episode.

Law & Order SVU cast courtesy of NBC

Law & Order SVU cast courtesy of NBC